New Building

Started the proyect for the realization of our new headquarters , which will be located in the Parke Komersial Korsou in Veeris.


New Product

AGM, is the authorized distributor in Curacao, for the sale of Turbochargers and Parts,  Garrett and Holset, for all types of engines, both, vehicular, industrial and marine.


Rubber Tracks

CTP® rubber tracks are made out of metal core, rubber and steel cord; the finished product forms a continuous type structure. The construction of the rubber track incorporates 3 wound up metal cores, which results in increased bend ability of the track when the crawler is in action. The material and structure of the rubber tracks ultimately provide a low vibration and reduction in noise levels.


Reinforced edges are designed with thicker rubber added between the lugs. This reduces the incidence of slicing of the edges resulting in a longer operating cycle.



Special Features Of The CTP® Rubber Tracks

  1. 3 Metal Cores Wound Up: Higher durability & Better flexibility
  2. Smaller Contact Surface (Smaller Lug) : Better grip & traction
  3. Bi Directional: Tracks are Interchangeable
  4. Reinforced Edges Between Lugs: decreasing the chance of slicing
  5. Jointless: Track is much stronger than the joint type