New Building

Started the proyect for the realization of our new headquarters , which will be located in the Parke Komersial Korsou in Veeris.


New Product

AGM, is the authorized distributor in Curacao, for the sale of Turbochargers and Parts,  Garrett and Holset, for all types of engines, both, vehicular, industrial and marine.


Mission & Vision


Deliver on each request, a product or service that meets customer, using quality tools with an appropriate cost.


Providing specialized solutions that enable short, medium and long term optimize information management of their teams, facilitating communication, collaboration and coordination between different people within the client.

Continuously improve the quality of life for employees, providing adequate working conditions, creating a work environment and organizational development that encourages their sense of fairness




Provide confidence you need, with exceptional service Maintenance, as well as predictive, preventive and corrective, which will guarantee the savings before, during and after the operation of your equipment, offering over the life of your equipment operating the largest value for each hour of operation and time keeping resale value